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Breast Surgery

Following breast surgery, simple acts like washing your hair or reaching the top shelf may cause discomfort. During recovery, tissues in the shoulder, underarm, chest and belly grow stiff and irritated by scars and radiation. To prevent injury, you may avoid lifting your arm at all. But lack of movement actually worsens stiffness and swelling, lengthening recovery time. Whether you have a mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstructive procedure, the physical therapists at Bauman specialize in treatment to restore ease of movement to your upper body.

Reach higher. Our therapists will individualize a program of stretches, exercises, lymphatic drainage, myofascial mobilization and other techniques to reduce stiffness and irritation. We’ll also teach you how to care for wounds, scar tissue and swelling. Before you know it, you'll be moving through life freely again.


  • EXERCISE : to overcome tightness, weakness, and pain in the shoulder, neck, chest, upper back, and abdomen.
  • SCAR MASSAGE : and stretching
  • EXERCISES: to improve posture and strengthen upper back and shoulder muscles.
  • MANUAL TECHNIQUES : to restore mobility and alignment of shoulder, ribs and thoracic area