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Chronic Pelvic Pain

Women’s bodies are complex. Their ailments can be, too. Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP) is a complex – but manageable – condition that strikes women of all ages and fitness levels. CPP generally involves pain in the muscles, nerves and/or joints of the pelvis, back, buttocks or abdomen. When the pain lasts six months or longer, the condition is chronic and requires specialized care.

Because many CPP conditions are unique to women, it is important to seek treatment from those specializing in women’s health – like the professionals at Bauman Physical Therapy and Wellness.


An individualized approach. There are as many solutions for eliminating CPP as there are causes for it. That is why we uniquely treat each woman and her CPP. At Bauman, we consider the entire woman, keeping an eye on helping you achieve overall wellness.


  • EXERCISE : designed to stretch or relax tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles
  • MANUAL THERAPY : for tight, tense muscles
  • RESTORATION : of proper joint movement
  • HEAT, COLD, or ULTRASOUND TECHNIQUES : for pain relief