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Nurturing new life can be a beautiful, transformative experience. It can also cause discomfort and even pain. During pregnancy, aches and pains can occur in the lower back, middle back, shoulder blades, groin and pubic areas. For some, the pain is sharp, throbbing or intense enough to cause difficulty sleeping, standing, sitting or performing everyday tasks. This is not within the “normal” range of pain, and requires appropriate treatment.

Strength for Two. Physical therapy for women can eliminate or greatly reduce the pain experienced during pregnancy. Following a thorough
examination, a Bauman physical therapist will design a program to treat your
specific complaints. Stronger and free from pain, you can enjoy your
pregnancy and the many nuances that accompany your growing miracle.


  • EXERCISE : to stretch and strengthen affected muscle groups
  • MYOFASCIAL MOBILZATION: to increase circulation, relieve pain or improve tissue mobility
  • JOINT MOBILZATION : to allow improved momement at the joints and relieve pain
  • SUPPORT: Fitting of therapeutic belts and supports
  • INSTRUCTION: in appropriate body mechanics; tips for performing daily activities.