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Vulvar and Pelvic Pain

Women suffering from chronic pain in the vulvar or vaginal region may turn to their gynecologist for relief. In many cases, a gynecologist will recommend physical therapy. Vulvar or vaginal pain is often the result of stressed or weakened muscles or tendons in the pelvic or vaginal area. In other cases, scar tissue from tears, surgery or childbirth affects overall elasticity, causing pain. Hip or tailbone injuries may also create hurtful spasms in pelvic muscles. If your gynecologist or physician has recommended physical therapy for you, rest assured the professionals at Bauman can help.

A delicate balance. The nerves, muscles, joints and organs of the female pelvic area are closely connected. Weakness, stress or injury to any combination of these can cause pain, spasm or severe discomfort. Following a thorough examination of your complaints, a Bauman physical therapist will design a treatment program aimed at providing relief, and correcting your problem.


  • EDUCATION : and pelvic floor muscle strengthening
  • MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and MASSAGE: for overworked muscles
  • EXERCISES: designed to stretch and strengthen muscles
  • MANUAL THERAPY : to restore movement in tight joints and restore alignment in pelvic girdle