Patient Information


Order from a doctor when required by insurance


Depending on your insurance plan, an order from a doctor may be required. Patients with Medicare, worker’s compensation insurance, and motor vehicle insurance will need an order from a doctor. Numerous Anthem BC/BS plans require authorization and/or require an order from a doctor for physical therapy. All other insurance companies/plans must be checked for their requirements.  

Bauman Physical Therapy will need your current insurance information at the time the evaluation is scheduled. Our office will call to verify physical therapy benefits and determine if an order from a doctor is required. Patients are welcome to call the number on the back of the insurance card to find out as well. 

The following plans do not need an order from the doctor: 

Federal - Anthem BC/BC 

Lexmark – Anthem BC/BS

Toyota – Anthem BC/BS

University of Kentucky – Anthem BC/BS PPO

University of Kentucky (retired) – United Healthcare

Kentucky state employees/teachers - Anthem BC/BS 

Kentucky state employees/teachers (retired) – Humana and United Healthcare 

Lexington Fayette County Urban County Government – Anthem BC/BS

Humana plans that replace Medicare

If you were given an order from your doctor, please bring it with you. It may contain helpful information for your therapist.

Order from a doctor when required by Bauman Physical Therapy


Patients requesting visceral manipulation or present with abdominal pain will be asked to go to a doctor to be cleared prior to the evaluation. 

All recent post-op patients will be asked to have an order or restrictions from a doctor.   

Medicare patients

Orders for physical therapy must be from a doctor that is a Medicare provider.  Additionally, Medicare does not allow chiropractors and dentists to write the order for physical therapy.

Medicare patients may NOT have physical therapy at an office setting and any type of home health at the same time - this includes home health for conditions not treated in physical therapy and wound care.            

Insurances Accepted

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (but not Anthem Pathway Transition plan)

Humana (but not Humana CareSouce plan) - except Barb Bauman, PT




Tricare (Active duty only)

United/UMR - except Barb Bauman, PT

Select Workers Comp and motor vehicle insurances

Please feel free to call us with questions.  Many small insurance plans are administered under a larger company.  Call the number on the back of your card for verification or call our office with questions.  The owner, Barb Bauman, may not accept all insurances. Please call the office with questions.    


Insurances NOT Accepted

We do not accept Aetna, CareSource, Cigna,  Tricare non-active duty, UK HMO,  any Medicaid plans including but not limited to Caresource, Meridian, Passport, and Anthem Pathway Transition.

Patients are welcome to pay out of pocket. 

New Patient Paperwork

At this time, we do not have new patient paperwork available for download but we can email you or drop it in the mail. 

Wait Tme to be Seen

Our physical therapists are highly trained and have unique specializations.  The wait to be seen may be a couple weeks to a couple months depending on the therapist and the time of the year.  We constantly look to move patients up to an earlier evaluation date.  The majority of patients are offered sooner appointments than their original appointments.  Please do not be discouraged.  Patients leave our office saying it was worth the wait!